Day 10: Favourite ship - Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar

I can say this is the first male/male ship i ever ship sooo hard it ruins my life sobs, I didn’t even see this coming but yeah the feel is too strong i just can’t help sobs

pls view at high res pls tumblr just does’t do me justice ;7;

[and yes i know ive skipped so many days but i’ll go back to them later]

cutest freedom fighter :3

woa look at this jojo dump (mostly johnny because im johnny trash)

waa look guys  i drew something digital waa not kagecrack waaa so cool


gf: come over

me: sorry new jojo today

gf: my parents arent home

me: image

(Source: rairakkun)


This is an old one I tweaked (just the faces, after watching Rebellion haha)

I’ll be selling this as an 11x17” poster at AX as well!

Jojo 30 Days Challenge

Day 1: Favourite JoJo - Johnny Joestar & Jotaro Kujo

Well i couldn’t pick one so i just went and drew both of them together though they are like pole apart lol. But well both have interesting development in personality and they r super cute/coollll ;7;////